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Town of Minturn - Consulting Planning Director

I proudly serve the Town of Minturn by providing planning and zoning administration services for the Planning Department. My work covers all aspects of new development review, long-range or comprehensive master planning projects, and being a part of a dynamic municipal staff. I hold regular hours each week at the Town offices and work closely with the Minturn Planning Commission and Town Council, attending most meetings where I advise the Town in zoning matters, interpretations and policy implementation. I have worked to adopt the "2019 Town of Minturn Housing Action Plan" and am currently working with the Planning Commission to overhaul the Town's zoning and development codes.

Town of Red Cliff - Town Planner

The Town Red Cliff was my first municipal client, even before I started Hunn Planning and Policy. When employed as planning manager at Eagle County, I provided volunteer assistance to Red Cliff through an intergovernmental agreement between the Town and the County.


When I decided to start my consulting business, Red Cliff became my first municipal client. I serve as the Town Planner, a role I cherish. My work for the town is contracted and my services include whatever needs doing in this small town: building permit and land use application review, master planning and community outreach, administration of and amendments to the Town Code, and advising town staff, appointed and elected officials on planning and zoning matters.

Fairplay Logo.jpg
Town of Fairplay Town Planner

Fairplay is a small town in Park County, Colorado that, to me, represents what Colorado is all about - goodness, community, creativity, natural beauty and 'can do' spirit!

The Town of Fairplay has been a client since the beginning of Hunn Planning & Policy and I enjoy providing zoning interpretations, development review and support whenever needed.

Private Sector Clients
  • RFSCG-1 Marijuana Cultivation - Missouri Heights, CO

  • Newby Aggregate Recycling Facility - Gypsum, CO

  • Red Mountain Land, Wolcott - CO

  • Vail Mountain School - Vail, CO.

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